Friday, October 1, 2010

Gabrielle + Thomas::l'amour et le bonheur

Gabby - Thomas blog-003

I met Gabrielle many years ago when I first moved to the SF Bay Area. Her ability to gather people for drinks along with the ability to start a conversation with a complete stranger is what has always struck me the most about her. So when I started my wedding photography business I knew that I had to let Gabrielle know because I knew she would spread the word. It was through Gabby I met Ro and Josh.

So a week before Ro and Josh's wedding I received an email from Gabby telling me she's engaged to a Frenchman. I met Thomas for the first time at Ro and Josh's wedding and was very impressed. A few weeks later we were able to do some engagement shots in and around their neighborhood in San Francisco.

Gabby and Thomas I wish you guys nothing but love and happiness.

(Special shout out goes to Google Translate for the title translation)

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Film & Life

The past few months has been busy to say the least. Through it all I've had a chance to dabble with film more and more and hopefully in the near future will be offer my clients some packages w/ film as well. In the mean time I'd like to share some recent photos from a couple of rolls.


Kodak 400CN BW Film-007

Kodak 400CN BW Film-008

Kodak 400CN BW Film-012

Kodak 400CN BW Film-011

Kodak 400CN BW Film-004

Color Film-011

Color Film-010

Color Film-014

Color Film-004

Color Film-005

Color Film-009

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ro + Josh::Complete

Ro + Josh Blog-026

Josh had to scale a mountain top in Panama to propose to Ro. Even after she accepted there was another obstacle to overcome.

"After exchanging a bunch of kisses, their lips started to tingle. Rowena quickly realized, to her horror, that this was due to the extra-strength Deet (i.e., poison) they had on to detract the relentless rainforest bugs. They immediately started spitting. As they were washing their mouths out with water, Rowena looked at Josh, dismayed that the first moments after their engagement were spent spitting. Josh assured her that it was good luck to spit immediately after getting engaged."

This excert taken from their wedding website encapsulates Ro and Josh. Adventurous, silly, yet so full of love. Their wedding was full of emotion and warmth of family.

Special shout out goes to my good friend and super duper talented friend/photographer Quan for helping out again.

Ro + Josh Blog-001

Ro + Josh Blog-003

Ro + Josh Blog-002

Ro + Josh Blog-006

Ro + Josh Blog-005

Ro + Josh Blog-010

Ro + Josh Blog-012

Ro + Josh Blog-013

Ro + Josh Blog-014

Ro + Josh Blog-015

Ro + Josh Blog-016

Ro + Josh Blog-017

Ro + Josh Blog-019

This photograph is exactly why I love to shoot weddings: seeing not just two people but two families becoming one.
Ro + Josh Blog-020

Ro + Josh Blog-023

Ro + Josh Blog-024

Ro + Josh Blog-025

Ro + Josh Blog-028

Ro + Josh Blog-030

Ro + Josh Blog-031

Ro + Josh Blog-027

Ro + Josh Blog-032

Ro + Josh Blog-034

Ro + Josh Blog-035

Ro + Josh Blog-036

Ro + Josh Blog-038

Ro + Josh Blog-039

Ro + Josh Blog-041

Ro + Josh Blog-042

Ro + Josh Blog-045

Ro + Josh Blog-046

Ro + Josh Blog-043

Ro + Josh Blog-044

Ro + Josh Blog-033


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